Animal Communication –  Pet Readings

Have you ever wondered what your animal companion is thinking? Have you ever wanted to know how they feel and if they need or want anything more?

As an animal communicator my pet readings can help you to:

  • Resolve relationship issues between you and your animal companion or between animals in a multi-pet household
  • Help shine a light on issues that your pet may be reflecting to you
  • Connect with animals that have passed away (This can help bring closure to you and helps with the grieving process)
  • Check in with your animal companions for their general well-being
  • Locate a missing pet

Animal communication is a non-verbal, two-way telepathic communication or Pet Reading.

In a typical pet reading I:

  • connect energetically with the animal (either in person or through a photo) and provide a channel for the animal to telepathically express his or her thoughts through words, visual images, and sensations.
  • share information regarding any behavioural problems and the reasons behind them.
  • communicate solutions or ideas that the animal has about solving the problems, and how to incorporate them.
  • perform a body scan to clarify physical ailments or pain they may be feeling.
  • perform an emotional scan to identify emotions and issues.
  • share the animal’s needs, wants or other messages to you.
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary - Pet Readings with Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira

Pig residents, Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary, Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada -

Julie Pet Connect Animal Communicator Pet Readings Ottawa Ontario

Leo, Ottawa, Canada

Pet Readings

  • Readings are 30 or 60 minutes per pet.
  • In a 30-minute reading, you can ask a few questions and also learn what your pet needs and wants, as well as any other messages.
  • In a 60-minute reading, you can ask questions, have an emotional scan done, have a body scan done, and learn what your pet needs and wants, as well as any other messages.

Services provided by donation!

Why by donation? 

Our world is changing and I believe we are entering a time where the new currency is one of care, in tune with nature and our hearts. I bring this concept into my work through the exchange of a donated amount for my time and energy. You are free to choose the amount that feels right to you knowing the minimum donation amount and the suggested amount provided. However,  I would never want finances to be a barrier to anyone receiving help for their animal companions. If this is the case for you, please reach out to me to discuss!

Cat Pet Readings with Animal communicator Julie Oliveira Ontario

Tony communicating before his Reiki session, Carp, Ontario, Canada

Compensation for Pet Readings Services

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

Readings can be done by phone, video call, or email or in person (a travel fee will apply if more than 10 km away).

*Please note that phone readings can only be done within Canada.

Students and seniors receive a reduced rate upon request (proof may be required). Please email Julie to inquire.

* If the suggested donation is a challenge for you, please email Julie to discuss options.
** Note: All donations are final.

Single Pet Readings

  • 30 minutes
    • Minimum donation $70
    • Suggested donation $80
  • 60 minutes
    • Minimum donation $140
    • Suggested donation $160

Multi-pet Readings

  • 2 pets for 30 min. each
    • Minimum donation $140
    • Suggested donation $160
  • 2 pets for 60 min. each
    • Minimum donation $280
    • Suggested donation $320

For all in-person appointments, please use the Contact Form on the booking page or Email Julie at

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Sadie, Kingston, ON. April 2022

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