Julie Oliveira

Animal Communication Expert • Small Animal Massage Therapist • Animal Reiki Practitioner

I love animals and want to help as many as possible to have a happy, balanced, and harmonious life and help people to easily understand them!

Animal Communicator & Healer Julie Oliveira

from Julie Pet Connect (formerly Pet Stereo) offers the following services for your pet.

Animal Healer

I am a certified animal communicator, canine massage therapist and animal Reiki practitioner with training in homeopathy and Ayurveda.

Currently training in the basics of Tellington Touch (TTouch) for companion animals, I bring a holistic approach to your pet’s emotional, mental, and physical needs.

Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira Ontario

Animal Communication Pet Readings Can Help …

Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira can help you with pet struggles

Are your pets fighting like cats and dogs? Are you struggling to bond with your animal companion?

I can help you resolve relationship issues between you and your pet or between pets in a multi-pet household.

Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira can help you with pet grief

Are you grieving your beloved friend who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge?

I can help you reconnect and find peace, reassurance, and closure, if needed.

Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira can help you with your pet's health and wellness

Are you concerned about your pet’s health or want to make sure she/he’s happy?

I can help you understand what your pet needs and wants in this life with you.

Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira can help you locate a lost pet

Has your pet gone missing? Need to Find a pet?

I can help give you peace of mind about how your pet is and where she/he may be.

Dog Pet Readings with Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira Ontario

As an Animal Communicator in a Typical Pet Reading, I Will…

  • Describe your animal’s character and personality

  • Share information regarding any behavioural problems and the reasons behind them.

  • Communicate solutions or ideas that the animal has about solving the problems, and how to incorporate them.

  • Perform a body scan to clarify physical ailments or pain they may be feeling.

  • Perform an emotional scan to identify emotions and issues.

  • Share the animal’s needs, wants or other messages to you