Julie Oliveira

Animal Communication Expert • Small Animal Massage Therapy • Animal Reiki

I love animals and want to help as many as possible to have a happy, balanced, and harmonious life and help people to easily understand them!

Animal Communication & Healing with Julie Oliveira

from Julie Pet Connect (formerly Pet Stereo) offers the following services for your pet.

Animal Healing

I communicate with animals and provide canine massage therapy and animal Reiki sessions. I have training in homeopathy and Ayurveda, which can be complementary to the healing.

Currently training in the basics of Tellington Touch (TTouch) for companion animals, I bring a holistic approach to your pet’s emotional, mental, and physical needs.

Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira Ontario

Diesel, Vancouver Island, Canada

Animal Communication Pet Readings Can Help …

Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira can help you with pet struggles

Are your pets fighting like cats and dogs? Are you struggling to bond with your animal companion?

I can help you resolve relationship issues between you and your pet or between pets in a multi-pet household.

Are you grieving your beloved friend who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge?

I can help you reconnect and find peace, reassurance, and closure, if needed.

Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira can help you with your pet's health and wellness

Are you concerned about your pet’s health or want to make sure she/he’s happy?

I can help you understand what your pet needs and wants in this life with you.

Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira can help you locate a lost pet

Has your pet gone missing? Need to Find a pet?

I can help give you peace of mind about how your pet is and where she/he may be.

Dog Pet Readings with Animal Communicator Julie Oliveira Ontario

Francis communicating before his massage therapy session, Carp, Ontario, Canada

In typical pet readings in animal communication, I will…

  • Describe your animal’s character and personality

  • Share information regarding any behavioural problems and the reasons behind them.

  • Communicate solutions or ideas that the animal has about solving the problems, and how to incorporate them.

  • Perform a body scan to clarify physical ailments or pain they may be feeling.

  • Perform an emotional scan to identify emotions and issues.

  • Share the animal’s needs, wants or other messages to you

Client Experiences

We found him!! He was exactly where you said- in an area with chain link fence, yellow grass and behind the building with the old gas station sign in the picture. We found him within 40 minutes once I read your email! It was also the first time we had heard him since the night before, so he listened to you well. I really, really appreciate you helping us on such short notice, I don’t have words for how much I can thank you.

Ellen, Renfrew, ON

My gratitude for Julie and her beautiful gift transcends words. She’s been a true blessing for both my animal family and myself. Despite my own intuitive guidance, I sometimes feel unsure and lose perspective because of the deep emotional bond I have with the animals I share my life with. Without fail, Julie always provides me with the clarity I need to heal holistically, and to develop more understanding relationships with my furry family. I also often learn as much about myself as I do about my animal companions through her readings. We truly are all interconnected and reflections of each other, and Julie’s gift confirms that. Grateful to have her in my life, and in the lives of my wonderful animal family.

Debbie, Carp, ON

We found her this morning. A woman found her in a shelter in Ontario. They captured her yesterday night. I think she heard you.. she was in the backyard of a farm. So she only had one night in this animal shelter and we came to get her the next morning. It was a miracle for us and for her as well! Thanks again for your help. You really have something special.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. We all feel good knowing what Maggie is feeling. I honestly feel so relieved. I knew I was putting pressure on myself, but I really didn’t understand just how much until the reading. I also feel so relieved knowing that we are meeting Maggie’s needs.

Thank you so so so much!

Bradlee, Ottawa, ON

It is my absolute joy and pleasure to share here about Julie Oliveira’s amazing work. My Labradoodle, Jabulani, and I are deeply grateful to have Julie Oliveira in our lives! Whenever Jabu shows any signs of distress, I immediately contact Julie to ask her to please check in as to what Jabu needs and wants. Then, when our blonde girl, Jabulani died in 2017, Julie informed us that, and how, we would be re-united. When Jabu was reborn – a boy in a black coat this time – it all unfolded exactly as Julie had told us that Jabu had told her it would (and there is a LOT to it!).

Whenever I tell people the whole story, they respond with “I am getting goose-bumps. That is such a powerful story”. Invariably I am told that I should write a book about it. So I am, under the working title: Jabulani’s Return – One Dog’s Two Lives With One Family. I am sooo Grateful!

Christina Nienaber-Roberts, Comox Valley, BC

Tuffy, New Jersey, USA